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Last updated on Aug 08, 2019 19:50 in Security
Posted By Asante Hammond

Operation of advertwide.com is maintained by a secure system and a collection of inhume operational set rules place in situ. in the meantime, our department advisors consider it necessary to warn all account holders of the potential threat and endlessly acknowledge everybody to watch out with their account. 

Below square measure urged pointers :

Please keep your Microsoft windows, raincoat OS up so far by putting in security patches, and ensuring antivirus is turned on, windows firewall enabled. Be alert of key-loggers, different spoofed websites. 

Check the uniform resource locator in the address bar at the highest left corner of your browser, make certain there's a padlock. Below is that the image


  • Be terribly careful with electronic emails, please do not open strange emails from unknown senders as a result of they may contain viruses, malware, that once acted upon will hurt your laptop or enter into your laptop and send to swindlers of all of your data that makes it easier for hackers to penetrate and steal your sensitive knowledge.
  • Be informed that we are going to ne'er raise you for your account credentials if you see such alert please ignore as shortly as potential.

  • ** The time is base on America/New_York timezone